Digital trends may come and go, but Facebook doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. The network recently hit an astonishing two billion users, and since it launched its Live feature a little over a year ago, the potential for both connectivity and business marketing seems endless. With Facebook’s newest live split screen interview feature, there are even more possibilities.

There are many advantages to the live split screen feature when it comes to promoting your business. You can bring in subject experts, no matter where they are located, for a conversation related to your products or services. It allows for good visibility for everyone involved; you’re talking with an actual person rather than a faceless voice, providing a level of intimacy and immediacy that other interview formats just can’t. Subsequently, your live stream looks more like a polished, professional interview that you’d see on a television news broadcast.

However, as with most things tech related, Facebook Live split screen videos, much like all Facebook Live videos, are not an if-you-build-it-they-will-come proposition. They don’t all go well! How can you make sure your Facebook split screen videos are consistently great? Here are five tips.

1. Check your equipment. The split screen feature currently works on iOS devices only, which means both you and your interview guest will each need an iPhone or an iPad. If you don’t, you’re temporarily out of luck, though Facebook will probably roll out split screen for Android fairly soon. You’ll also want to make sure your gear is ready to go with a charged battery or available power source and a strong wifi connection or data signal.

2. Prepare your conversation. Talking off the cuff with your interviewee makes for great viewing, but it doesn’t happen without a little preparation. Having a rough outline of what you want to discuss and questions you want to ask will save you a lot of fumbling for topics and dead air.

3. Don’t just talk — listen too. The best interviewers are active interviewers; they ask the right questions, but they also pay attention to the answers. You want to listen carefully for follow up possibilities: things that need clarification, incidents or concepts that need additional explanation, and anything that needs more complete information. Have a pen and paper nearby to jot down notes so you can address them when it’s your turn to speak.

4. Remember that spontaneity is built in! A planned split screen interview is great, but did you know that you can also invite any of your iOS-enabled viewers to join you for a split screen conversation? You can, and it allows for great spontaneous live Q&A possibilities. To invite someone to join you in your live video, swipe left once you’re live to see who is watching your live stream. You can invite any of those people to do a split screen with you. Once they accept, you’ll both be live in a split screen.

5. Just be yourself. As with any recorded or live media you create, you’ll want to relax, smile, speak confidently, and have fun. Remember, when you use Facebook Live, you’re talking to followers and friends, people who already like you and want to hear what you have to say. Your interviewee may be nervous, so if you’re calm, cool, and collected, you’ll help put him or her at ease too. Conducting a live interview with Facebook’s split screen may seem strange the first time or two, but once you’re comfortable with the format, the possibilities are limitless.

Have you tried a Facebook Live split screen interview to promote your business? How did it go? Please leave a comment and tell us about it!