As a living and evolving part of your company’s marketing plan, your business website is not a one and done proposition. It’s not enough to just create a great site — you’ve got to update your site so it changes and improves along with your business. And if you’re not convinced that your website needs to be updated on a regular basis, read on: we’ve got four solid reasons to do it, along with an offer to help you out.

1. You’ll Keep Your Rankings Up
You already know that a good SEO strategy is crucial to getting your website high in Google search rankings, but another factor in your site’s rank is fresh content. That’s because when your site is updated, it’s indexed, and frequent indexing means a higher rank. Many businesses create a website and then don’t touch it for years, but if you want new customers to find you through an organic web search, it’s important to update early and update often. The easiest way to do this? Start a blog and post short, relevant articles on a weekly, or even biweekly, basis.

2. More Chances to Revisit SEO
High ranking keywords shift over months and years just like any other aspect of marketing, but if you’re not updating your site regularly, you’re missing great opportunities to revise your SEO strategy and get more hits. Each website update is a new chance to organically insert frequently searched keywords, boost your SEO, and keep your site high in page rankings. Again, if you’ve posting on a blog every week or so, you’ve got a perfect place to insert keywords as they become relevant.

3. Keep Your Current Customers Coming Back
When you don’t update your site for a while, your current customers have no reason to click over and see it. They already know what’s there, and even if you post something new once in awhile, they probably won’t think to check your site because they think it doesn’t get updated. By having an active and frequently updated website, your regular customers will check it more frequently, which could lead to them sharing it more often as well.

4. It Just Reflects Well on Your Business
When your website is organized and up to date, your business comes across as organized and up to date. If you put your own website on the backburner, how can customers trust that you won’t put their needs on the backburner as well? Stay current with your site, and your clients will know that you’ll stay current with their accounts.

Let MWC Help You!
If you don’t have time to update your website, or if you haven’t redesigned your site for the better part of the last decade, Modern World Consulting can help! We’ve created dynamic, mobile friendly, and SEO rich sites on the popular WordPress platform for dozens of satisfied clients, and we can do the same for you. Whether your website needs a little freshening up or a complete overhaul, get in touch with us today to discuss a project timeline, projected cost, and more.