Hosting webinars is one of the most effective ways to grow your online business. If you’re not hosting webinars you’re missing out on one of the easiest ways to grow your email list, PLUS, webinars allow you to position yourself as a top resource in your industry while also giving you a platform to discuss your paid services and products. Use that time wisely to provide viewers with special offers and discounts.

Now that you know you know you NEED TO BE HOSTING WEBINARS, let’s learn how to quickly set up a webinar registration page so you can collect those emails and gain webinar visitors. Today, we’ll be using Instapage to create our webinar sign up page. Why instapage? Because it’s one of the easiest (and cheapest!) programs to help you create beautiful landing pages, sales pages, registration pages and free gift optins with little to no tech or design experience. That’s right. ANYONE can design beautiful pages quickly with Instapage. And for those of you that are debating whether to go with Instapage or Leadpages, let me save you the headache. Instapage’s drag and drop feature allows you to easily create pages that represent your brand. Leadpages has set templates that are nearly impossible to make “pretty”. They recently adopted their own drag and drop feature but it needs some serious work. Why pay all that money when Instapage is price competitive and easy to use?

Don’t have an Instapage account yet? Click here for a free trial so you can watch the video below and practice creating your own webinar sign up page along with us!