The best landing page builder?

Instapage. We won’t beat around the bush and tell you after a long article that the best landing page builder really “depends” on your business. Part of our main objectives at Modern World Consulting is to advise on the best programs for clients. Most times we find that Instapage is the best landing page builder for clients, and here’s why:

We will admit that there are some landing page builders that offer a few more bells and whistles than Instapage. But with more functionality, these programs tend to become harder to use and “figure out”. Clients often come to us after purchasing a program that “does it all”, frustrated and confused after trying to learn how to work their robust new program. This is one of the reasons we love Instapage. It is so easy to use. Everything is drag and drop and easy to design. One of the biggest complaints with Leadpages is that it is nearly impossible to add your branding to their pre-made templates. You can’t move anything around. You can’t add simple items like images and paragraphs. You can’t make images larger or smaller. It’s very difficult to add your business’s personal touch, which is important

Another reason we love Instapage is the zero click optin forms. You are able to add a form, rather than a button to the page, so your visitors can submit their name and email directly on the page without having to click a button to get a pop up form. Programs such as Leadpages require visitors to click a button to get to the sign up form. The less clicks, the more conversions.

Mobile Friendly. This Is by far one of the coolest features of Instapage, we LOVE it! Once you design your gorgeous landing page, you can switch to the “mobile version” and it allows you to make the mobile version perfect by simply dragging items where you want them to be when viewed on mobile devices and tablets. Since so much of internet activity is done on mobile, this feature is a huge advantage to achieving high conversion rates.

Instapage integrates with WordPress. It happens all the time. I come across a beautiful eye-popping landing page, and then I see the ugly, landing page url. It takes away all the professionalism. You want your landing page url to be “pretty” and to have YOUR website’s url. Something like: does not represent your brand and it tells everyone what landing page builder you’re using. Although the landing page company probably appreciates it, your business does not. With instapage you can easily publish your landing page with your website’s url and you can choose exactly what that url should be.

Instapage has a free trial period. Take advantage of their 30 day free trial that many landing page programs don’t offer.

Instapage is price competitive with all landing page builders. AND their cheapest option is all most small businesses actually need.

Instapage does exactly what it needs to do. It gives you the tools to build and design beautiful, high-converting landing pages even if you have zero technical or design experience.