What is Fan Page Friday?

You’ve probably seen the hashtag #fanpagefriday, and have to admit the name is a little catchy. I was first introduced to the term a while back by a client of mine who asked if I could include Fan Page Friday into her social media plan. What is this Fan Page Friday? And why don’t I know about it?

Always determined to hold on to the tail coats of the perpetual evolution of Social Media trends, I put on my detective cap.

I was surprised to find a weekly networking party, and more surprised by the vast number of participants. A cluster of businesses in all sorts of industries getting together and swapping information, deals, and encouragement. Wow! What a great idea.

On Fridays, Fan Pages post a picture on their Timeline with the instructions for their Fan Page Friday. Instructions vary, but for the most part are the same. Other businesses in the industry that follow that Fan Page comment on the picture with an enticement to visit their page along with a short description of their business and a link.

Why You Should Be Participating.

Why not? Get your name out there! Fan Page Friday offers a free networking platform with other businesses in your industry, find other pages to follow and keep updated on changes in your field, and keep track of the competition. It’s also a great strategy to meet people who are willing to collaborate on business ventures or work with you on growing your list.

How to Participate

In order to find Fan Pages that are participating, login to your Facebook page and type #fanpagefriday in your search bar. Better yet, do a little research and start visiting the fan pages of businesses or people in your field.

Nobody in your industry is participating? Be a crusader! Throw a Fan Page Friday picture on your timeline and encourage fans to play along. Eventually it’ll gain some traction, and you’ll be advancing your industry.

To start, create a blurb and keep it short and sweet. Something like…

“Hi there! I create engaging social media plans for mompreneurs. Join me at http://www.yourbusinesspage.com this Friday for FREE tips on how to gain more followers!”

Then comment on the Facebook Fan Page Picture with your blurb.

Keep a list of Fan Pages with Fan Page Friday parties. Every Friday go down the list and copy and paste your comment on each post.

Note: Read the instructions of the Fan Page Friday you’re posting on. Some pages request you like and comment on the picture, while some ask to comment if you’re offering a free product.


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