Hosting a webinar? Great! As digital marketers, we’ve seen that hosting a webinar is one of the best marketing tools available to us. It puts us in front of an interested, ideal audience, and allows us to add them to our profit funnel, eventually turning them into paying clients! It also helps us grow our email lists so we can build stronger relationships with our prospective clients, AND it shows that we are a credible resource.

One of the first steps to hosting a webinar is creating a high-converting webinar registration page. But how do you do that? We’ve put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts for your next webinar page that are guaranteed to help you create a persuasive, professional, high-converting webinar page.


  • Give your webinar a title


  • Give it a tagline too! Try to make your tagline a call to action; tell them to do something and imply that listening to the webinar will help them achieve that action. For example: Webinar Title: WordPress 101, Webinar Tagline: Create an Envy Worthy Website OR Become a WordPress Maven.


  • Your webinar details. Don’t forget to add the time zone! Studies show the best days of the week to host a webinar are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Don’t host a webinar on the weekends, your registration numbers will be significantly lower.


  • {Optional} Countdown Until Webinar


  • Short paragraph describing what the webinar is about and who it is for. Emphasis on the word “short”. Fight the temptation to write a lot here. You only need 3 sentences. This should be a very short, to the point paragraph.


  • About the Presenter. This is an opportunity to share with your visitors the highlights of your career and what makes you an expert on the topic you’re discussing. Keep it a short paragraph with just the highlights, and use a welcoming head shot.


  • Create bullet points (around 5) on what will be discussed or what they will learn. Don’t give everything away, just give them broad discussion topics. Remember to keep the text to a minimum. People like to get their information quickly so lists and bullet points are highly effective.


  • (Optional) We like to add a line that says “if you’re unavailable at the day and time of the webinar, register and we’ll send you a replay!” This way, we don’t lose anybody due to a conflict of schedules.


  • No outside links. This is a landing page. The only thing we want them to be able to do is sign up or leave the page.


  • Your Registration / Sign-Up Button. The less information you ask for, the more conversions you will get. You should not be asking for more than their name and email and if you can just ask for their email, then do that.


With this checklist of webinar signup tips, you now have an informative, persuasive webinar page that is guaranteed to get high numbers of registrants! Happy Webinaring!

Do you have questions about how to host a webinar? Schedule a complimentary call with us and we’d be happy to talk you through it. 

Did you know that we setup webinars for clients all the time? We’ll create the webinar registration page, integrate it with your email marketing, create your thank you page, schedule your autoresponders and reminder emails, and send out your replay for you! Check out our webinar services page for more information!



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