The belief that email marketing is dead is gaining traction in marketing circles as the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets increases. It would appear as though consumers are shifting their eyes away from email and more towards these social media channels. But well-seasoned marketers will be quick to argue that email is far from dead and is still the strongest form of marketing online. Here are three reasons why.

1. Email Popularity

Statistics still prove that email is the most widely used form of communication online. In fact, over 90% of Americans 12 years and older who are active online say they use email on a daily basis and over half of those check email first thing in the morning. Further, for the older demographics, email is far and away their preferred means of online communication.

2. Target Specific Audience

Gone are the days of mass email marketing campaigns. Nowadays, companies are using email campaigns to target specific customers and their buying habits. Armed with a better idea of who their customers are, companies send emails that are more personal and trustworthy. Because of this, the customer knows the email they are about to open will likely be something that interests them. Thus the chance to make a sale from that email increases.

3. Learn What Your Customer Wants

Because emails are specifically tailored to the customer, you have a better opportunity to engage in conversation with them and learn what they want. Emails that include a question like “What would you like to see in the next blog post” or “What one question can XYZ Company answer for you?” are extremely effective. Customers want to be valued and as a result, are very likely to respond to these questions. You then can take these answers and adjust your product or marketing efforts to fit the customers’ needs.

Email marketing is not dead and the most skilled marketers realize this. While social media is growing in strength, the one-on-one conversation that exists through email cannot be beat. Use this to your advantage and continue to adapt your email marketing campaigns to meet the customers desires. Your business will grow as a result.