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Our clients often struggle with choosing the right landing page program for their business, and the decision usually comes down to Leadpages vs Instapage. Landing page programs have become unbelievably popular in the past couple of years. Small business owners are able to create persuasive and professional optins, webpages, sales pages and registration pages on their own without depending on someone else. They are liberating and changing the world of online businesses, giving more power to the small business owner.

The drag and drop features make pages easily customizable, quick to create. These programs effortlessly streamline the process of integrating sales pages with payment options and your email marketing. They’re extremely user friendly for those less techy and therefore can easily be outsourced to your virtual assistant or marketer. They’re also much more economical than paying for someone to design a page on your website. The reasons for choosing a landing page creator are overwhelming, but choosing which one to use is a little more difficult.

Let’s look at the 2 most popular landing page programs on the market, Leadpages vs Instapage. Why the most popular? Because when you use the most popular program there are more training tutorials online, the companies are more advanced and therefore have better customer support, and it’s easier to outsource to a virtual assistant or marketer.

Purchasing one of these programs is an investment, so let’s make some smart choices. Let’s decide what’s right for your business.


Ease of building a page:

insta smallThis category winner easily goes to Instapage. Instapage has a super easy drag and drop feature. You can place images anywhere, create sections with background colors, layer your email optin on pictures, and it’s just easy. The biggest complaint we hear, and have ourselves, with Leadpages, is you can only work with predesigned templates (unless you’re a tech savvy coder and can build your own in html) and they are NOT easy to customize. You can change font and color, but that’s about it. You have to search for exactly the right template for your project needs and then you can’t move sections. You can’t add additional images or text boxes, you can’t layer, and you can’t move anything anywhere. It can be frustrating.

There is a reason for this, however. Leadpages submits their templates to strenuous tests and studies to find which templates are the highest-converting. Then Leadpages only uses the highest converting templates. Which is really cool. So you can’t customize the templates because they don’t want you to change the structure that proves to work. We’d like to point out however, that pages created through Instapage can just as easily get conversions. At the end of the day, it’s the copy you use, the content you’re providing, and the aesthetics that appeal to your ideal client that are going to land you conversions.


Which is cheaper?

This category goes to both. How is that possible? In the short term, Leadpages is more expensive, however if you buy a 2 year subscription it becomes much more affordable than its competitor Instapage. Both have a relatively small monthly payment of $25/month for Leadpages and $19/month for Instapage if you pay for the year. Those go down even lower if you purchase for 2 years.


Which has more features and value?

lp smallLeadpages. With Leadpages only costing $6/month more it offers some seriously cool features that Instapage doesn’t. For starters, the Leadbox. So amazing. Leadboxes allow you to create popup boxes and place them anywhere on your site. It doesn’t have to be on just a leadpage. You can add one as a link on your site that says “click here to get a copy” and then the box will appear. Or you can have it timed to pop up after someone has been on your site for a certain amount of time, or you can have it pop up when someone leaves. They’re so easy to integrate with your email program and you can make them look pretty and professional in just 5 minutes. It’s a very cool feature.

The second feature Leadpages offers is the LeadMagnet which is another word for autoresponder. Instead of logging into your email account and creating an autoresponder for the list, you can do it directly on Leadpages when creating your page. And it’s so easy. Simply tell the page that you want it to send an email after someone subscribes, type the email and add any attachments you have. So easy!



Both Instapage and Leadpages integrate very easily with WordPress, a shining positive for both programs.

Instapage will allow you to try the program before you purchase, which is really great for those that are new to the landing page market. They’ll let you create a page and even publish it to your website for free. It’s a really nice touch.


So which is it?

Well, you’ll do great with both. They both have their pros and cons, but at the end of the day they allow you to create beautiful registration pages, sales pages, and even homepages quick and relatively easy without needing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to a professional to design it for you. They give you control, they’re easy to learn and they’re one of the best ways to expand your online business.

If you’re thinking about purchasing one of these programs and would like a quick training session on how to use it or would like your virtual assistant to be trained, Modern World provides one-on-one training sessions on the computer that is recorded so that you can go back and refer to it if you’re ever “stuck”. We’ll show you how to setup your account, link it to your email marketing, create a page and connect it with a list, and finally publish it to your website.

Landing page programs like these are changing online businesses for the better and giving power to small business owners that don’t have the technical know-how to code and design.

We recommend trying one today 🙂