Wouldn’t it be awesome if every time a client made a purchase their name and email were automatically added to your email list? Well hurray for us, because that’s exactly what happens when you integrate your Aweber and Paypal. It’s also the number 1 trick to creating automated digital courses!

If you’re building a business, chances are, you’ve used Paypal to accept money for your products and services, and you’ve used it at least a few times to make online purchases. Paypal has one of the most effective platforms for small business platforms which is why they have 170 million registered users. They allow you to create payment buttons, personalized invoices, and keep an organized accounting of your business.

One of the most common questions we get from clients is how to add paying customers to their email list without having to do it manually.

We start by recommending using AWeber, our favorite email marketing platform. Many small businesses are switching to Aweber because of it’s integration with Paypal and so many other great programs.

Let’s talk about why integrating Aweber and Paypal is such a game changer. Then at the bottom of this post watch a step-by-step video on how to connect them!


Build Your Subscriber List with Every Sale — Automatically!

We all know the effectiveness of email marketing which is why we work tirelessly to grow our lists in all sorts of creative and unique ways. Our customers are more likely than anyone to purchase from us again, which is why it’s most important to keep in touch with them over anyone else. When you manually have to add each customer to your list it becomes time consuming and easy to forget to do.


Building Courses

One of our most popular services is launching Digital Courses. Our clients want people to be able to pay for their course and then have their customer automatically receive an email with important course information. Then they’d like their customer to receive an email each week of the course with links and passwords to modules. All of the is is done by simply integrating Aweber and Paypal. So many people think they need to spend hundreds of dollars and hours upon hours of time trying to use complicated course plugins and programs, and the truth is you don’t need to do any of that to create a professional, automated digital course.


You’re Getting Really Valuable Information from Paypal

When a customer makes a purchase from you using PayPal, there’s information that’s highly valuable to you. This includes demographic information, of course, but also things like what that customer purchased, how much he or she spent, and his or her total lifetime expenditure with you. Data like this can help you tremendously with your marketing efforts, and when you integrate Aweber and Paypal, you can use it to your advantage.



When you integrate Aweber and Paypal you can create a list for each paypal button you have allowing each paypal button to have it’s own autoresponder and allowing you to send email to people who pay for specific products. It’s amazing!


Added Convenience For Your Customers

As we all know, if making a purchase from an online retailer is too much of a hassle, there’s always a chance that the consumer will just give up. Having a PayPal button your website is a great way to streamline the purchase process for your customers especially since many of them already have a PayPal account (again, there are over 170 million worldwide), and PayPal’s mobile functionality increases the convenience.


How to integrate Aweber and PayPal