1. Title of the Course

2. Tagline: This should be a call to action. Tell your visitor to do something or to feel something positive. It implies that they can achieve that by buying your product/service.

3. Write a short paragraph about exactly what the course is and who it’s intended for. You can also add a paragraph that provides a story as to why you created the product; you know and understand their problem, you can relate, and you have the solution.

4. A quick breakdown, preferably bullet points about topics that will be discussed or lessons that will be learned throughout the course. People tend to have a shorter attention span these days, and they like to process their information quickly. Bullet points and lists make it easy for people to get the information they want quickly. Try to avoid writing long paragraphs because chances are you will lose the attention of your visitor.

5. Testimonials – you can have a testimonial section or you can scatter testimonials throughout the sales page. The testimonials shouldn’t be very long. If you have long testimonials, you should pick the highlights of the testimonial to include. Choose testimonials that answer questions that a potential buyer might have.

6. Investment section – this should list everything they receive and any bonuses. Try to be specific as to how much each benefit is worth — financially and emotionally.

7. A condensed biography about you. This will highlight your career and achievements and express why you are a credible resource on the subject. This is a great place to add a headshot.

8. Optional** A Frequently Asked Questions Section

Note** Try to not include any outside links. Sales pages should give them nothing else to click on except payment buttons.