You may have noticed that there are A TON of online schedulers out there, so which is the best online scheduler that allows your clients to easily schedule paid appointments and complimentary calls? We get this question all the time by clients, and after much testing and experimentation, we hands-down, recommend Acuity Scheduling.

Why was Acuity Scheduling named our #1 appointment scheduling software? The list is extensive.

1. Calendar Integegration

Acuity integrates with the calendar you are using, in our case Google Calendar, so it blocks clients from scheduling appointments where your calendar shows you are busy. Acuity also has a built in calendar so you can add exactly what days and times you are available for each of your appointment types. You can add your schedule once to Acuity or you can provide custom available days and times each week.

2. Easily and Beautifully Integrates with WordPress

Acuity’s online scheduler easily integrates with WordPress which is a huge selling point for us. This means clients don’t have to navigate off your site to schedule with you. Once added to your site, the layout is professional, sleek, and Acuity allows you to customize it to match your branding!

3. Forms

Do you need to gather important information from your client before your appointment? Acuity’s online scheduler makes it easy to create professional forms and allows your clients to download and send you documents.

4. Confirmation and Reminder Emails

Acuity’s online scheduler will automatically send your client an appointment confirmation email to let them know they have successfully scheduled with you. They will also send them a reminder email before their appointment with any important appointment information.

5. Accepts Payments

Possibly one of the greatest features of this online scheduler is that it accepts payments for appointments.This allows your clients to easily pay before the appointment and eliminates any awkward payment conversations after the appointment.

6. Offer Gift Certificates, Coupons, and Discounts

This online scheduler takes it a step further and easily allows you to create and offer gift certificates, coupons and temporary discounts for your clients. Again, acuity allows branding on everything.

7. Competitive Pricing

The price can’t be beat…because it’s FREE! It’s hard to believe that an online scheduling software that includes all of the above also has the best pricing options. Although Acuity offers a free plan, we highly recommend the $10/month plan to enjoy all that Acuity has to offer.

8. Free Trial

Acuity allows you to try their program free for 2 weeks.

Why do we love this online scheduler? Besides the fact that it has every functionality you could ask from an online scheduler, It’s incredibly user-friendly and easy to to use. Happy scheduling!